Схема philips aw7520

схема philips aw7520
For sets with EW control, make sure that base of 7606 is low. 4. Check that Power Good signal is at high logic, normal operation. 5. Check that UOC is not in standby mode. Page of 14 Advertising 2012-2017 Upload manual Thank you for your help! Check MainAux and VlotAux +13V (6467) are correct for base drive of deflection – check for 7461, 7463 & 7460 failure. 2) Incorrect pic. width or Isolate 5400 & check EW_protection is now not EW trigger – check for 7400, 2401, 2404 failure. Pin 6 of UOC should be 0V DC. 6. Make sure H-drive pulse is there.

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