Honda giorno схема проводки

honda giorno схема проводки
Read Configuring MegaSquirt-II for information on configuring MicroSquirt® and MegaTune. The wire labeled «Vref» is the +5V voltage reference for the MAP sensor and the TPS sensor. The other item is an inductance meter, which you may not have. Go find one of your geeky friends and ask to borrow their inductance meter. This new Gyro shared the same core engine as the earlier Gyro, but the styling was quite different which warranted a change in the model code to TG50.1985 was also the year Honda began replacing the Aero family with the Elite line of scooters.

Прежде, чем паниковать, сначала, скажите, узнайте или вспомните какой у Вас двигатель, чтобы определить, нормально ли это в принципе, или за дымом кроется какая-то поломка. These numbers are also imprinted in the connector itself, if you look carefully. And, if it does help then you should take another look at your big positive and negative wire on the battery. Затем просто ждите письма с данными о заказе на e-mail и ответьте на него, чтобы подтвердить правильность информации. You can use the Vref 5 volt supply on Pin 28 to power the LEDs, or you could use some other source.

This is fine for gauge work, but for EFI you will notice that the majority of the sensors have two terminals (and insulated from the case/thread) such that a separate ground to the ECU can be implemented. And everyone knows that the condenser was there to keep the points from arcing and burning out. Хотя само колесо скутера зафиксировано всего одной гайкой. Ideally the computer will have a serial port (9-pin male connector), but many USB/Serial adapters have been used successfully. A laptop computer is easiest to use in the vehicle, of course, and cheap older laptops with Win98+ and a serial port are commonly available at low cost.

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